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When dodge hatched she had a peck mark on her back and it never grew feathers over it. It has now turned into a air bubble at the base of the neck/back. I haven't popped it incase it gets infected etc. does anyone know what it is??!
She was premature in hatching and we saved her because she was going to die. She's a bit of a special duck. Haha
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Ok this bugs me i want to pop it whether thats the right course of action i dont know..... I just bump you post and not give advice because of this really bad urge to pop that bubble...
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How long ago was she pecked?

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When she was born- it was a peck mark from the hen as she was hatched underneath a hen. But the bubble only appeared after we out her in the Chook pen with the other ducklings. So around 3 weeks ago.
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