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Whats wrong with my chicken?!

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I have a polish chicken, and i don't know if she has started laying eggs yet. But recently i have noticed weird behavior with her. 

She is very quiet

She stands still and doesn't walk around

she stands there with her feathers ruffled up

She doesn't go out with the other chickens to walk around


And this morning when i went down to check on the chickens, and she was the only one that wasn't outside of the coop with the other chickens, she was just standing sitting facing the wall in her egg laying area.. So when i came home today, i gave her a warm bath, and i put on a latex glove with some vaseline and checked to see if i could feel an egg. nothing. i didn't feel anything. when i took my finger out she pooped everywhere (kinda gross sorry:tongue) I don't know whats going on with her and im really worried. her poop looked fine also, maybe a bit liquidy. Please help me find out whats going on!!...

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She may be slightly sick or not.   If her exhaust looked good , than it is a good sign that maybe nothing serious.   I had a Polish a while back.  She was not the most active of the crowd.    Kind of solitary in a way.   Maybe it is a characteristic of the breed. :idunno..  She lived well until taken by predator. :hit    They  have a hard time seeing danger coming.



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Welcome to BYC. As Cavemanrich said, Polish chickens in a mixed flock can have a hard time seeing when their head feathers grow in. They also can be pecked about the head due to their combs, or just be bullied. If your chicken is fairly young, she could be ill with coccidiosis. The symptoms are standing hunched or puffed up, diarrhea or blood in poop, poor appetite, and sleepiness or lethargy. Corid (amprollium) from the feed store cattle aisle is the best treatment. Check her crop for emptying overnight, and to make sure that she is eating during the day, offer her some water with electrolytes or SaveAChick, and see if she will eat a chopped egg. I like to bring a chicken inside over night in a crate to watch their behavior and droppings. Look her skin over for evidence of lice or mites. Has she been wormed? A vet could perform a fecal float to check for both worms and coccidia.

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