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Concerned behavior

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A couple of days ago I got my pair of D'uccles. As soon as we took them out of the crate, the Rooster went into a "seizure" His body locked up. We picked him up and rubbed him and he seemed to get better. It seems every time he is scared he does this. He is awake, but flops over and tenses up. Has anyone ever dealt with this before?

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How old are they? Vitamins with electrolytes would be good to put in their water. Seizures are possible in chickens, but I would make sure that he is drinking enough liquids, and getting enough to eat. We never know how they were treated or if they were bullied before getting them. Some egg and probiotics or plain yogurt may help. Vitamin E and selenium ( contained in Poultry Nutri-drench and Poultry Cell vitamins can treat neurological symptoms. I would keep a close eye on him, and check back in with an update on his condition.

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