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Pecking order age,size or alpha?

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I was wondering if pecking order is because of the size of my chickens or is it because of the age or is it because of who's the most Alpha. I have a white leghorn who is 16 weeks old I have a barred Plymouth Rock who is 13 weeks and I just received two Easter eggers (Ameraucanas) and no are 8 wks The leg horn and the Plymouth Rock both became best friends when we got them at the same time, so when the Easter eggers came they both picked on them the rock does it more just to be like her big sister it seems but then the leghorn and rock also fake cock fight but looks like there playing more., so my question is when they all grow up is it going to be a "pecking order" all over again to establish alpha or is the older one going to always be in charge we only have four and we don't plan on getting anymore although we want to add a little silky but we realize she would probably be picked on the most ,

so we're going to just stick to these beautiful girls for now. Thank you for your help or info
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Pecking order isn't by size or age.  It's alpha.  My top of the order is a barred rock, she bosses even a Jersey Giant roo.  At 3 years old, she's still the boss, always will be.  The evil Judy is on the left.

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Cool thank u so much
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No problem, we're all here to help.  :)

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