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Euthanize one or both?😞

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Marek's hit us hard. I have to girls left. One is paralyzed and now being hand fed. Her bosom buddy hangs by her side constantly. They have been inseparable since birth. The other one is ok not great. If I put down one trying to decide whether to put both down. We've been fighting this for weeks. The remaining one I fear if she makes it will be extremely lonely - she's my most social one
Advice anyone?
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You could seperate them and see how she reacts. By seperating i mean putting the sick one where the other cant see or hear her. That way you know how she going to react and possibly give her time to adjust before you cull the other.
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Thank you, I tried that. I brought the really sick one inside in a box. Her friend parked herself in the corner of the coop facing the wall and would not come to me when I called her like she normally does. That is why I'm really wrestling with this decision. We're not even sure that the Buff1 is going to be OK, I don't think there's any hope for her friend .
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Sorry this is happening.hugs.gif All I can say is follow your gut feeling.As long as you make the decision with love, it's the right decision. Good luck.
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Honestly, if the 'healthy' one is affected, and not perfectly healthy, I'd put both down. If she was perfectly healthy, or there were several 'healthyish' birds,  I might try to fight through it, but not where shes showing symptoms. I keep my birds as livestock and not pets though - so I'm a little more aggressive about this sort of stuff.


I'd then clean the coop as well as I could (bleach, etc) and go fallow until at least spring. Maybe try again with a late spring batch of vaccinated chicks. The vaccine isn't perfectly effective, but it's better than nothing, and it triggers a faster immune response against other strains.

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Oh no poor thing. I wonder if she would improve after a few days if not i say culling both is the best option. I am sorry.
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Thank you all for your advice.  These are pets which is why the decision is so hard.  My sickest one just ate a good amt. compared to what she's been eating and I dug up some earthworms which she gobbled right up.  It's a good day.  shhh, don't tell my husband who is so done with this!


Happy Holidays!

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How are your hens?
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Thank you for checking, you're a doll. After two weeks of antibiotics Which included a lot of hand feeding and syringing to hydrate - with one with a paralyzed leg so I carried her out daily to sit in sun - and did I mention I was bringing them indoors nightly so they'd be warm. The girls rallied but declined steadily. I made the awful decision to put them down. My husband told me on their last pm they were very restless and "screaming " in the middle of the pm. I assumed from pain. Heartbreaking for me. This was my first go at chickens and I must have gotten one as an infected chick bc all were dead before they were five months. The first to go had a nasty eye tumor. My chicken "expert and advisor" and I self diagnosed it as Marek's. Very upsetting. Loved having them tho. Such a fun endeavor. Happy New Year! Thank you for your kindness.
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I am sorry for you loss and no problem.
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