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Possible Mycoplasma Infection ?

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This quail had a pretty bad infection, I'm not sure how long its had it and I feel awful for not noticing it sooner, poor little dude. I culled it anyways because I'm not sure what I'm dealing with exactly, and I don't want to mess around :( 


I don't know much about respiratory/sinus infections, but I think this might be mycoplasma. I don't think it's coryza since it didn't smell or anything, but I'm not entirely sure? None of the other quail appear to have this infection, and I watched them for over an hour for excessive sneezing or open-beaked breathing and looked them over for nasty eye-goobers but they all seemed perfectly fine and very active. This kind of infection is totally new to me. I know mycoplasma is a permanent carrier-virus even when treated, and can infect other healthy birds, but I keep closed flocks anyways...but I don't want any of my other birds to suffer like this one :( 


The problem is that I also have other birds in separate pens - peafowl, chickens, geese and pigeons and I'm afraid some other birds might have gotten some cross-contamination, but I'm not sure if there's a ground zero or if this quail was it. None of my other birds have any signs, but I'm terrified that they'll develop it. I've been very careful to take care of my gamebirds first for feedings, and use separate boots/buckets/gloves than what I use for the chickens. 

But my main point, and concern, since I have so many different types of birds: What kind of antibiotics should I use for what birds, and what dosages? If at all? For pigeons, geese, chickens, peafowl, and of course the quail. I'd really like any sort of help here, I've never had this happen and I've had different birds for 10+ years and I'm super scared :( 

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Welcome to BYC. Do you still have his body? You can refrigerate it , but not freeze it, and send or take it to your state vet for a necropsy. That way, you would know what it had. I don't think coryza is a disease that affects many birds other than chickens, but I'll have to look it up again. MG or mycoplasma might be the cause, but it isn't as quickly spreading as some other respiratory diseases if the quail wasn't in with your other birds. Could he have been pecked in the eyes by his flockmates? I don't have much experience with respiratory diseases, but Tylan 50 injectable or Tylan Soluble Powder for the water would be good for treating MG. Oxytetracycline in the water can also be used. But I would have the necropsy done, or if another one gets sick, get it tested or do a necropsy. Sorry that you are dealing with this.

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Thank you so much for the input! 


I don't still have the body, I threw it into the river because diseases scare me and this one looked awful (I know, I really shouldn't have done that, but I had a mini panic attack) 

The quail may have been pecked a little bit, they get agitated at each other when they fight over cracked corn and greens. I can only hope it's some sort of other eye infection or something minor that just went crazy on this poor bird, maybe a cold (can birds get pink eye??), but I'm skeptical that this is something minor. 

So I'll have to keep a close eye on my birds to see if any others start developing anything like this, and to take take a body in for testing if it does reoccur. If it comes back positive, I might see if my vet can do a backyard flock test and do all of my other birds besides the quail, just to be sure. In the meantime, I ordered some Tylan-50 powder online, since the feed store doesn't carry anything for sinus antibiotics. Now I just have to wait :( 

Thanks again, I appreciate it! 

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No other birds developed symptoms, I've kept an extremely close eye on all of them. This poor little dude was a single-case incident. He probably got pecked and got some type of goobers in his eyes that got infected. I learned a few things for next time, though! Just in case :p 

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