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Icky, smelly shell

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Hi everyone,

I have yet another question.....roll.png

I have seen my hen lay this twice, she strains a lot. She sometimes has shellless eggs just pop out, but it's likely that these ones happen more often than I know.....

The thing is, it has bits of blood on it and it smells....would I be right in guessing she is unwell, and this is not just due to diet?

She is feed premium layer pellets, minimal treats and calcium tablets
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Sorry you are having trouble. Yes, she may be unwell. Someone with more experience than I have hopefully will chime in, but here is a link of that may be helpful in making her more comfortable. Hope this helps.

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Thank you that was a good read. Looks like it might be a bit of 'lash' sad.png

She Seems otherwise fine
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