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Can Ducks Live in Chicken Coops

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So I have two rouen ducks, and I am going to buy a coop for them. Ducks are primarily larger than chickens, so would they be able to fit and live in a chicken coop? I would just like to know before I buy one. Thanks

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I kept my ducks with my girls. They get along fine and do well. 

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Yea im just worried about them fitting. I have a male and a female
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Yes ducks can stay in a chicken coop, the only modifications needed is to make popdoors larger, add extra nesting boxes(if your keeping them with chickens) as they like sleep in the box If you have a ramp decrease the angle so they can climb up and have two feeders as ducks can get territorial over them and have water buckets that ducks can dip their heads in. Other than that they shouldn't fight.

Best of luck with your new venture.

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