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Unknown death

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I checked on my chickens tonight and i had a hen knocking on deaths door. She was sitting like in her nest box, eyes closed and not responsive. When i picked her up clear fluid came out her nose. She died within minutes. Yesterday she was fine. All my other girls look fine. Im hoping this is not something contagious. Can someone give me any insight as to what my girl died from?
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Welcome to BYC, and sorry for your loss. How old was the chicken? Since she was in the nest boix, she could have been egg bound, or may have just been sick and felt more comfortable there. The crop contents could have just come out when she died, and may not have been significant. There can be some many things that can go wrong, but checking for a stuck egg in the vent, feeling the crop for any impaction, feeling for weight loss in the breast area, looking for any signs of lice or mites, and doing a necropsy could help find a cause of death. Your state vet should be able to do a necropsy if you refrigerate the body.
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