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My chicken will not move!

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Hi all,

My chicken will not move at all. I found her 6 days ago laying in the coop looking injured. I thought maybe a broken wing? Her left wing seemed like it was just hanging there. I removed her from the flock and put her in a separate cage. She has just been laying down not moving at all. After the 3rd day, her nose became crusty and her stool became pure liquid. She started to open her mouth each time she was in taking air. Looked like she was gasping for air. We then thought, maybe it is a disease and not a broken wing. Both her wings seem to fine now and she will not move at all. She is just laying in the same spot. It is now the 6th day and her stool is back to normal, she is eating and drinking like normal and completely alert. I just can't seem to figure out what is wrong with her. Will she get better? Is this a permanent thing now?
Any input is greatly appreciated.
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Do you know if she was vaccinated for Mareks disease, a virus that can cause paralysis of legs, wikngs, and the neck? Is she still having nasal drainage or a crusty nose? Was she eating and drinking well when she first got sick? Could there have been an injury? I would usue some vitamins and electrolytes in her water, in case of a vitamin deficiency. Gasping and nasal drainage can be signs of a respiratory disease. I would just watch her and see if she improves with the vitamins. Mareks can cause paralysis of one or both legs, wings, or the neck, and can also cause a lack of immunity to many common poultry diseases.
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Yes, the breeder said that she was vaccinated. She has been eating and drinking the entire time and continues to eat and drink. I do not see any visible injury. She does not seem to be in pain from an injury. Thanks for your reply. I will be doing some more research on the issue.

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What happens if you stand her up yourself? Does she fall down or does she stand for any amount of time and then sit down on her own? 

I'm thinking, if she just falls, it is likely neurological/muscular. If she stands and then sits, it is something that isn't necessarily affecting her legs but making her uncomfortable enough that she doesn't want to be up walking around.


Either way, any time I have any symptoms of leg or neck issues, I always give them some vitamin E and B complex vitamins.  May not help but it certainly won't hurt.  I have had several chicks/ducks that couldn't walk one day and after just one day of giving E and B they were walking fairly normal...Pretty cheap stuff so I think it's worth a try and good to have on hand anyway...

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When I stand her up she just falls over. She cannot stand on her own. Her neck and legs seem to be fine. Her legs are moving and her feet will grab my hand and roost when I put my hand under her feet. I will try the E and B, thank you for your suggestions.
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Do you have a vet in the area that could see her? Breeders sometimes do vaccinate their chicks, but the chicks still may possibly become exposed to Mareks before they develop full immunity after 2-3 weeks. If she dies or you decide to cull her, I would recommend getting a necropsy done by your state vet to look for a cause of death. Hopefully, she was just injured, and will feel better soon. The vitamins are a good idea, and you can usually find several good brands of poultry vitamins at the feed stores.

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