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Help with new incubator please.

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I got a new bator for Christmas!
Yaaay! Go mom!

A Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance.

I used a Farm Innovators one before to gatch out my mutts. Can't wait to see the results this one gives.

I don't have the humidity pump (yet), but I will.

I don't plan to start hatching in winter (I learned my lesson), but I want to learn more about my new incubator before I even get more eggs.

I feel confident enough to try more exotic species of chickens or other birds.

I got a bunch of black rectangles that go in the slots somehow. .. I am not sure how they go or what the spacing should be. The guide had nothing about that.

If I get the water tank, it's (just about) 100% automatic, right?

Any tips on how to use it?

Brinseas manuals are kind of... difficult. Is there an easier way to figure out how to program it?
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Great incubator you have there big_smile.png I have the exact same one with the pump.

The rectangles are your dividers and push into your black tray to hold your eggs in place. Which slots to put them in depends on your egg size. Did you get foam strips with it? These fit inside the dividers to hold the eggs better. I also use these if I don't have a full row of eggs to wedge the last egg in.

If you get the pump my top tip would be to prime the water through the tube before you wrap it round the spinning part that's on the top of the pump. The water does drain back slightly but don't worry it does keep the average humidity ok. If you go on my profile then my reviews I've written about it.

As for programming I found it ok. + & - together to unlock it. Once you see what you want to programme ie temp press ok the adjust to what to you want using + & - press ok then go along to save and press ok. I've not had mine out for a while but once you get the knack it's ok.
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Are they inserted vertically (top and bottom allign) or horizontally?

Nooo, the foam was thrown out. Dagnabit. Hmm. Is it supposed to do that or is it repurposed "trash"

If they were sold to help the eggs, I might order more.

That little black plastic "mesh" tray, with it in, I can see the yellow bottom of the bator.
On yours, I cannot.

Is that the angle, foam or something else?

Is there a tray thing for quail eggs or are the plastic spacers good for that?
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Do you mean the eggs inserted vertical? If so then yes I do, I can get more in like that. Always fat end up.
The dividers go in horizontal.

The foam is meant to be there, it's not trash. You don't have to use the foam. I've crammed loads of eggs in without the foam but it just adds that little bit more protection for your eggs. Without the foam there is a little bit of movement from the eggs against the metal dividers when the unit is turned but I've never had anything break.
You can order them seperate I think, over here if you buy the pump you get more dividers and foam inserts with it. You also get a piece of foam that goes on the bottom of your tray. That's why you can't see through to the bottom of my incubator in the pics. I have the foam in there.

It gets taken out at lockdown along with the dividers and foam inserts.

As for quail I think it would depend on what breed and size of egg. I've only done quail in my first incubator not this one. You may need the foam inserts for the quail egg so they don't fall through the dividers. There is no seperate tray for quail, just the dividers and foam inserts. The foam holds them in place.
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