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Hi, can I ask? 
Why did the Tylan work. ? 
And seems it saved her life.
MG, I wasn't sure if it was going to help or not since it apparently wasn't an infection that I was dealing with, but I felt desperate and she was struggling with her respiratory. I was concerned about the internal injury leading to an infection like pneumonia. After two days on it she responded very well and so I finished her doses. If nothing else I felt like it helped her to heal. She is doing great, she is back with the flock, laying, eating and drinking but the crazy thing is she has no vocalization still. It's so strange.
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This was such an interesting case. I was impressed with

the administration of the Tylan for the respiratory condition.

I often read about the Tylan from posts but yours put a tag

on it for me. 

I am so glad she is better!!!

Thank you for posting I always am learning.


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