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What is this?

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I can't really tell without more information. Is there anything there that looks like a crushed egg without a shell, or flesh colored material that could be a lash egg? Has she been laying, or has she had any diarrhea?

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Haven't seen any lash eggs. No diaherra. She lays sporadically, it looks like cooked egg whites, I wasn't able to hold her - I will try in the am when it's light out and can see better.
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She could be laying internally.

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Oh gosh what's the fix?
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It's fairly common unfortunately and not a very good outcome. Have you cut open the object to look inside? Hopefully it's just a glitch in her egg laying. Here is some info about internal laying:

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I gave her a warm bath in espon salt and tree tea oil washed her vent and this is what it looked like
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Lash eggs which are odd eggs laid from problems like internal laying and salpingitis, look different in many cases and here are some examples where they have been dissected: 





poop 026.JPG    



LL    LL 

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Is this prolapsed vent?

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Thanks for all your help and input. I culled her today. 😢
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