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Lock down too early!

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I just can't seem to get my learning curve adjusted. Every time I incubate duck eggs something goes wrong. If I put the eggs on lock down 2 days early, did I destroy them? They are due on the 6 th and my genius mind thought they were due on the 4 th. So they went on lock down 2 days early. I candled one just to see if I screwed up. The air sack is right, but the vibrant veins and fluff I normally see, looks dark, and I can't see any movement even with the water test. I'm going to be so mad at myself if I messed up another batch. I read everything to do! But just can't seem to get it right.
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no problem at all. Sounds like you are doing well if the air pockets are the correct size. I really don't like float testing unless its a last option but what is done shouldn't hurt. Let mother nature do her thing and here's hoping you get a great hatch rate. The veins have to dry before the chick pips or it would bleed to death which might be what you are seeing

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