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Egg Shell Problems

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My wyandotte hen has been laying very thin eggs that literally feel like sand paper. They are so thin and delicate that even my finger can break these eggs with the slightest pressure. I know that feed is most likely contributing to it, but no matter what feed I change to, it persists. I do put in oyster shells with the feed and even have the Nutrena layer feed that is supposed to help with shell thickness, and still nothing. She isn't an old hen, maybe about a year old, and when she was free range in the summer months her egg shells were beautiful and thick. Any solutions or tips? I was gifted an awesome incubator for Xmas but none of her eggs have survived past a few days, I am certain it is due to the condition of the shells.

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When was the last time you wormed your flock? It's possible that a heavy load of parasites is interfering with her ability to absorb nutrients properly.

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You know! I didn't think of that at all! They haven't been wormed since the summer. I almost picked some up yesterday at the feed store, thanks for a great suggestion. I'll try it asap.

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It could be due to it being winter. It takes a lot from the hen to produce eggs and in winter months they use more energy keeping warm etc due to the weather.
Has she molted recently? If so it can take a while for them to get the egg laying back to tip top condition.
Here is a lovely article in egg quality ~
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I just read that light changes can be the problem, if so there isn't much I can do. They have access to go outside all day and the barn is open letting light in all day if they decide to stay inside. Either way she's always put all day.
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That was a good read thanks!
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Ive had that same issue with production reds and it was driving me crazy.  I was always feeding a 21% or 22% layer pellet.  My son bought the wrong feed last time and so I just used it and it was a 18% pellet.  Coincidence I dont know but the egg problem stopped.  The hens are laying good again.  I dont know if it is possible to give them too much protein but they are doing well on this food and I plan to continue.  

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So interesting Jeff! I started strike III yesterday in their 18% mixed in with oyster shells. I don't think its a worm problem but if so the strike III will help. Its really strange and I've never seen this problem before. Hopefully its a phase? we will see!

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