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Why I said.... "it's not finite"...same goes for run size and population.

I would not advise a population for a given run size if I didn't even know there was a coop.
I don't know I have several chicken houses on property different breeds. We have as many as 500 in one house it's about 60'x80x and could house many more if I wanted to do it. We supply some feed stores with chickens pretty regularly. We also do eaters often and I love my chickens for food.
Cheap food to raise and eat nothing cheaper I think.
The size of pen really only matters if they're not taken of. If your into this and make sure they have everything they need don't matter much as long as they can move around some.
If your into egg laying only I actually think they lay better with a little free ranging and bugs etc. they seem to lay more often without skipping many days. We're on a chicken diet a lot just because it's handy and we have lots of chickens all the time.
We buy and grow food for them both from granary we learned if we grind our own corn well and also rye or milo we can get a lot more bang for our buck.
Subsidizing food by having free range chickens isn't an option for everyone with people letting dogs run free and wild animals etc. we can let the air out of everyone's dogs that come onto property and have neighbor wars all year long if we want to but at what costs.
After many years of letting air out of everyone's dogs running free around me I have learned to go talk to them ask them if they need help building kennels for dogs or what?
I tell them I will kill your dogs when they come over for chickens they usually get upset about that but for most part understand I'm not raising chickens to feed their dogs. We have lots of space here between ranches but dogs don't respect property lines so we cage birds. The size is relative to amount of time you have to make flock correct and well. If each chick has about 5' of ground space to itself your going to be okay as long as your disease free and keep it clean in my opinion. I see many chicken houses with no room chickens can barely crap without messing on each other. Those usually get disease pretty bad and end up killing or picking on each other well unless beaks are cut and all. I like free range it's just very hard to do for some. We have pitbulls and they don't bother chickens at all have been trained to protect them over years. Takes a lot of time to get this chicken land and coup and flock correct but you can do it. A few good dogs or one with a intent on protecting his flock will keep predators at bay or dead also. My dogs aren't dog aggressive so worst part for us is dog problems we had to train them not to attack other dogs. They will attack on command anything including people we've only had a coils times where it was people stealing chickens though in twenty years. Dogs fixed it everytime. Have great flock and take time to keep Em healthy as egg head says size isn't relative to amount of chicks when your doing great job with taking care of them. If you want trouble free feed and pick up eggs kind of thing keep it small just enough to keep you in eggs anyway.