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Help! I think? 🐣

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We intervened in a natural hatching last night where for almost 24 hrs the chick hadn't made any progress as far as breaking free. Anyways, chick was helped out except the latter half of it so he could 'do it' by himself. At 9pm last night the shell was still attached by a small fiber (umbilical cord like) but he would just pull it around. Now it's 7 am and it's still there a little dried up but there. Do I let the egg just follow him around or snip it off?? Nervous to cut that lifeline if it's a bleeding line!! Never have had to do this kind of thing before.
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I have waited until it looked dry and snipped it.
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I looked at it closely and it was dried and twisted so I did snip it and it's doing perfect! Thank you!!
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some times i break away some of the shell so not so much dragging, but leave the membrane attached stuff.

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