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Is my duck egg bound?

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One of my 4 Pekin ladies has been acting odd lately.  Two days ago there were strong winds and when I let the ducks out of the coop, she came flying out and squawking as if afraid of something.  Typically she's the loudest but its more of a "scolding" than anything when I get close to the group.  Now its more of a "I'm in danger" or "help me" kind of squawk.  Whenever I get close, she is squawking and I've noticed that her tail is almost constantly wagging.  She is eating and drinking water, I saw her poop.  I've noticed only 3 eggs the last two mornings instead of the normal 4 though there were some soft egg shell fragments yesterday.  I'm just worried about her.  Maybe its stress with the windy/cold weather?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Are you giving her oyster shell along with her layer food?  You might try letting her soak in a warm tub and put vasoline on your fingers and see if you can feel an egg in her vent.  Do it very gently.  I hope this helps and if at all possible a vet would be your best bet.  

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How is your ducking doing today?  Please give us an update.  Thanks

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Fortunately my cousin was in town and she just passed her vets boards so she was able to take a look and said its probably not egg binding because the egg wasnt anywhere near the vent.  After three days of only 3 eggs a day (4 duck hens), we finally got 4 eggs again this morning, so egg binding is out of the question.  She is still quacking funny, her feathers are ruffled and her tail twitches but it seems to only be when we humans are present.  otherwise she seems fine when we watch from the window.  maybe she is just still stressed out from 60mph winds over the weekend.  

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I'm glad she's not egg bound.  A lot of times they will day a day or a couple of days off from egg laying.  The winds could be upsetting her like you said.  Thanks for the update.

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She is still quacking funny and ive noticed green poop in the pen, kinda diarrhea-ish because its not a nice little clump.  I've read that green diarrhea is a bad sign.  I can take a picture tomorrow.  Too cold and dark out now.  

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Did you feed them greens or peas?  Bright green poop is also a sign of starvation or dehydration.  I would give her nutridrench for poultry.  you can buy it at the feed stores.  It is fast acting and may help her get better.

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Honestly sounds like she's just broody to me. They get kind of cranky and noisy when they're broody, and will fluff up their feathers and seem more aggressive toward people when they get too close.

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Found brighter, light green poop today, no way to tell which duck, have not fed them anything green...
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Give them all a dose of nutridrench it can't hurt them.  Green poop is not good.  

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