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Save my Rhode island red!!!

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My hen, Browny, is a Rhode island red hen. She is a little older then most of my chickens and I am having a little trouble getting her to eat anything. She would close her eyes and would not look at me. She is all fluffed and I cant tell what her stance is she always lies down. She wont eat. save my chicken!!!

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Check for an egg in her vent. When did she lay last?
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Check for an egg in her vent. When did she lay last?

I would do that and check for any broken bones
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Bring her inside to warm up in case she is cold. Offer her some water with SaveAChick electrolytes, and a little egg or chopped tuna and her usual feed. Has she been laying eggs? Check inside her vent with a finger one inch or so with a finger for a stuck egg or obstruction. Use a rubber glove. Has she been wormed recently? Look her over for any tiny bugs on her skin(lice or mites.) Older hens who don't lay regularly may suffer from internal laying. They can have trouble walking, have watery droppings, and may lose weight in their breast or keel. How does her lower belly feel? Check her crop to see if there is any food in there.

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Thanks for your help everyone! But she died over night, it must have been old age. Thanks again and I know it wasn't an egg. She hasn't l laid an egg in a really long time. She is one of the chickens from my very first batch of chickys, which I can't believe I lost her, I have never ever lost a chicken before.:( 

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Feel for your loss so sorry. They are so cute and I'm sure where she was one of your first she was very special
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Aww, I'm sorry for your loss. ;n;

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So sorry that you lost her.

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Sorry that you lost your chicken
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