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Using an incubator question

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Hi all. I am new to keeping quail and this is my first post


At the moment only have 4 females and 1 male Japenese but I do intend to get up to 8 females. Ideally, I would like to have more but I am limited by case space.. Can I have up to 2 male in my cage with 8 female..My next question is how long can a hatched quail remain in the incubator before moving them out of the incubator. I work during the say an there is a good chance that some would while I am at work.Also, should the incubator keep working until most have hatched?.


Is it ok to add eggs to the incubator after the first batch of eggs have gone in, or should I wait until all the eggs that I collected on the day have had a chance to hatch.




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You should put two males and you dont need then anyway. 1 rooster will keep 7 hens 95% fertile so adding one more hen only marginally reduces fertilty but adding an extra rooster dramatically increases stress. Stress makes quail stop laying eggs.

You really should do some more research on incubating as there are several important steps to remember to ensure live chicks. Once they hatch they should be left in the incubator for 24 hours. When you open the door to the bator if there are pipped eggs (cracked) the influx of dry air will cause the membrane to 'shrink wrap' the chicks in those cracked eggs. Waiting 24 hours after hatch ensures that most who would make it do make it.

I would not add eggs as it complicates the brooding process since you cant really mix ages of baby quail together.
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Thank you for the quick reply...I'll leave I1 male in their for now until I can extend or get an other cage to boost my egg production.


As for my incubator question...I shall do some more reading and leave the incubator alone once I have put a batch in without adding any new ones, and leave the incubator until all have had a chance to hatch around the same time.


Thank you..


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I only have 1 male at the moment and he doesn't crow right now for straight month. Because there is no other male to compete with. He does crow from week to week. To make sure he dint loose his beautiful crow lol.
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You can mix quail of different ages. Only a week a part would be good. I've done it in the past and works fine.
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You 'can' do many things that arent necessarily advised. Week old birds should be at an entirely different temp range since they are beginning to feather. Temps are the main reason you shouldnt mix ages, aside from the fact that a week old can kill a day old with just a peck. At a week old birds should be being held around 90* at day old they should be at 95. Birds that are feathering can get aggressive when kept at too high a temperature and i mean really carnivorously aggressive. When you give advice that can lead to dead birds you should point out the risks, especially to a new keeper.
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Hi, I am new to this site and keep quails too. I have only had quails for a few weeks, have an incubator and brooding box and hatched my first babies yesterday. The main trouble I had was getting the right food for the babies and getting them to eat. One of them particularly is really stubborn and will only eat when I'm holding him but he gets cold too quick, any suggestions. They are so cute they think my hand is there mum and come running when they see it and don't want to get off. Great little pets so fascinating to watch and they're all so different even new borns.
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Thanks for the addiitional advice/tips, Much appreciated.


Any recommendations on a small reliable  incubator that will do up 24 eggs..A 48 eggs incubator may be way to big for my needs.


I believe there are alot chinese ones out there but any semi reliable one I can take a punt on.


My budget is up to $120..



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you can get one on gumtree. if you live in australia. or on ebay. ours is a janoel which we got for 180 as new but i have seen some cheaper. ours is a fan forced with automatic egg turner and would incubate at least 100 quails at a time and has a space down the bottom to put the eggs when they are ready to hatch. and you can leave the chicks in for longer because you can put food and water in.

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Thanks for that Cassjade..


Yep. I am from AU.


Are you referring to this particular one from ebay


My preference would be something a little smaller with an auto turner..How about these one of these two off ebay

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