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Closeup if it helps. Also forgot to mention we did have to put down a hen with diarrhea and was limp but that was last fall.
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Were the roosters ever fed layer feed? If so, maybe they could be suffering from gout.

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They are fed layer feed.
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Originally Posted by Bush84 View Post

So in reality neither feet look great but the foot on the left is the foot he won't stand on. The foot you see on the right looks worse to me. It appears more red and swollen and has a blister but he stands on it. The foot you see on the right looks pale and feels hard. He has a small flake of skin coming off. What does everybody see?

Edit-not sure it helps but he seems to have trouble balancing on that foot. It's like he is on a seesaw and that pad is the fulcrum.
Well, it doesn't appear to be bumble foot to me.  The only other thing I can think of offhand is gout?  You might do some research on  gout in birds.  I would keep giving him some warm epsom salt soaks if it makes him feel better. 
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Well as an update it turns out that it was neither bumblefoot or gout. It was definitely frostbite. I was going to i&d the foot only to find the top layer of skin sloughing off and some black tissue underneath. I think he will lose one of his toes but the others seem to look like they'll come through. For now they are bandaged up and he is still inside. It's debrided as much as I could for now but will likely need another round. Any other suggestions? Do I really have to keep him inside? Roosters aren't meant to be inside lol. Let's just say I work late and he doesn't want me sleeping in.
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Well, I don't know what to do for frostbite, as I have no experience with it.  If he is walking, I don't know why he has to be inside unless you still have ice or snow on the ground or an uncovered run.  I would just give him a sheltered area outside to stay in and you can keep the bandages on if you think the skin needs protecting.  I use Vetwrap which you can find at Tractor Supply.  It's great stuff that sticks to itself.  I cut it into narrower strips.  If his feet may get wet, I put waterproof bandaging tape over the vetwrap to help keep moisture out.  Of course you would want to change the bandages every few days.  I would have never thought of frostbite.  I've always thought blackened skin with that.

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