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What type of bobwhite?

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I just got this little girl from a lady out of town she got her from her son in law who had been quail hunting . She had been shot, retrieved by a dog, tossed in a game bag and which they emptied and left in the car , they had assumed that all the quail had been dead until she was discovered hopping around in the car later.

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The quail in back is a tuxedo coturnix... He's just keeping her company so she's not alone .
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Better picture of her, she is maybe half the size of other other female bobwhite.

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That's one lucky Quail! She looks like a normal Bobwhite hen to me. As for her size, She's probably a true wild bobwhite...most 'wild" Bobs now have some "jumbo" or other captive variety bred into them. This is from hunters/landowners releasing captive bred flight conditioned quail on their land....usually for hunting purposes or to repopulate. The larger captive bred birds quickly establish themselves and mate with the smaller wild quail which can then produce a wide range of sizes.

Last year my brother shot 2 Tennessee Reds. He quickly sent me pictures because he was afraid they were an endangered species or something lol! I assured him they were FAR from endangered, and to have a word/warn with the landowner about releasing Reds...
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Oww, poor her! But if she lives, she is one lucky quail. Does she have wounds from being shot?

Chris' explanation of her size sounds legit to me, perhaps along with her having to feed on what she could get in the wild as a chick, which might not have been as good as a captive diet.

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Its a northern And if was shot in GA it was probably a release bird. Not a great wild bob population through much of tbe south.
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Yeah she was released and the end of one wing was shot off. It looks to be healing well tho, and yes in Ga.
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We have a couple as pets and our girl is about 3 times the size of her
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All of the jumbo bobs are bred from northerns. Northern bobs arent very large but look just like a butler or a wisconsin where color is concerned. Live weight is usually in the 12 oz ballpark for a northern.
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