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To move or not to move

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Hello all. Finally joined after years of visiting this site.

I live just outside of Asheville, NC and have a broody hen that has set up her nest outside of my coop. She has 16 eggs she has been sitting on for at least 2 weeks. Her nest is in a sheltered space between the fencing and several pieces of plywood leaning against the fence. She came out for a few minutes this morning after a night with single digit lows.

We are expecting possible heavy winter weather this weekend. Should I try to move her and her eggs? I have a smaller brooding coop in a separate fenced off area that I was going to move her and any chicks to when they hatch. I have been thinking that with the possible forecast of heavy snow it might be a good idea to move her into her own coop and see what happens. 

Should I just let her stay on her nest and let nature take it's course?

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A similar post came up yesterday and the thread starter moved the nest and the hen abandoned the eggs. She may or may not continue sitting. If you can construct a makeshift improved protection thingy, I'd personally leave her where she is and move her and chicks when they have hatched. There's not right or wrong, so trust your instinct I'd say.

Good luck and let us know how things go.
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thanks! I am debating the pros and cons of a move. I think she is only a few days away from the hatch, however, there is a good chance for a fair amount of ice and snow this weekend.

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I'm guessing you did not set them under her so you may be looking at a slightly staggered hatch which does not help you. Not an easy decision for sure.

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