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Tail down, diarrhoea and listless - Page 2

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@ ctrygran Rest of the chickens were fine. They are healthy and even started laying.
Sorry to hear about your chicken. I doubt vet would have much to help other than determining the cause of death. I had cleaned out and sterilised the whole coop after the event.
Now I am looking to buy a small holding and try out self sufficiency. smile.png
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@ChickenCat That is pretty much what we have done  Moved to 5 acres, built a house and large shed.  Have a large garden area and have fenced off an area for sheep.  When we lived in the UK I got hooked on lamb and have raised them one other time for meat.  Best of luck! 

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this is what happened to our chicken he almost looked like he was sulking, he had diareah, we decided to put ares out of his misery. I have a pic of him before we put him down.
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