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Help!! Unresponsive Hen

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My hen, 12 months, was attacked about a week ago by the rest of the flock. Recently she has shown more serious signs and one of them being unresponsive. Right now we have a food and water bowl in front of her and we have tried to get her attention but she acts as if she doesn't hear or notice us. Earlier we had a banana in front of her and she would bumble around pecking the ground occasionally finding the banana to eat it.

Is there a possibility she could be blind or deaf?
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Sorry about your hen. If she was in shock and hasn't taken in enough food and water she may be blind or too uncoordinated because of the nervous system shutting down. If you want to save her try some things in this thread:

Good luck.
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Thank you, I will look through that thread to see if there's anything I'm able to try. ☺️
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Syringe feeding some water with electrolytes might be a good idea. See photos in the supportive care thread for proper technique.
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We've gotten her to start eating and she gets startled every time she goes into the water bowl so I don't know if she's actually drinking it, maybe I'll try the syringe idea. I really appreciate the help
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Let us know how it goes.

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Of course☺️ So far she's started eating and drinking and getting more active
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That's good!:thumbsup Hope she continues to improve.

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