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I would be more concerned with  protecting your birds from predators,  if you are free ranging them - it sounds like they would be better off in an enclosed run with cover. Also the openings in your fencing are large enough for various predators to get inside and  kill your birds.  Please check out the predators threads on BYC and  also the coops section for suggestions on having secure coop and runs for your flock.

The whole Run is completely covered by netting. And its completely surrounded by chicken wire or fencing. A particular Hawk has been coming around a lot but cant get in, if he could Id have lost several more birds. I see it out there on a daily basis. Sometimes two or three times a day. Persistent lil jerk. I has killed a couple of my birds before, there was a wind storm and it tore up my netting leaving big holes for it to get in, and the other time was while my birds were all out foraging. I HATE THAT HAWK!!!! I spent three days buying netting and patching every single tiny hole!!! Now my birds are getting wise to it and find a good place to hide when they know its out there. Before they used to just run around and scream. Now they hide and are VERY quite.