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My flock is small right now but I am planning on adding to it in the Spring.  I have a Barred Rock, a Black Australorp, 2 Americanas, 3 Isa Browns and 1 Rhode Island Red Rooster who we call Carlos, man of love!  I want to add some Buff Orringtons with hopes of finding a broody girl.  (I probably didn't spell the names correctly but I know what I mean!)  My Isas are my standby layers and so far my favorite!  They are so old now that I have forgotten how long I have had those but they layed religiously 1 a day all summer long!  Now that it is cold out I only have 1 that is still keeping up with the young ones!  Carlos just came to us this past summer and time will tell if he will stay a nice boy, but so far he is pretty good about not giving me the evil eye!  He will even let me pet him while he is in the coop!  I love my chickens!  They are my therapy!  I just inherited an old Transparent Hen incubator and that is why I signed up to BYC.  I saw that others have one and I need to figure out how to use it before Spring!  My goal is to raise a few for meat and eggs but I want to also become self sufficient and not have to buy feed.  I want to grow and harvest my own crops but also want happy, healthy chickens!  I am also going to start with rabbits this year but that's another forum!!!