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More eggs yay!

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My brown layer finally started laying yesterday in the middle of a winter storm! And she's laid 2 eggs in a row! Very excited bc she was an every other day layer and hadn't laid since thanksgiving! Both eggs went into the incubator with my duck eggs! :wee
I may need to sign up for incubators anonymous gig.gif
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Yay! Congrats! My ladies are slacking big time right now! My cuckoo maran is the only one laying! Out of 26! No supplemental light or anything, i don't mind giving them a break! 

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I've only got 2 hens and both stopped before thanksgiving. I'm trying to build my flock but incubating hasn't went to well but I'm hopeful. I was quite surprised. The week I stop checking I happen to notice it by chance. Hopefully she continues. I haven't given them any extra light but have thought about it. I do have to laugh that she would do this when we have ice and snow everywhere.
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Haha they have minds of their own! My girls were all laying up until 2 weeks ago so i suppose it is time for a break! Im dying to hatch, i actually gave in and ordered from Ebay, somehow I've had good luck with it! 

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