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I don't know what to do..HELP!

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I originally had 5 hens and 1 rooster. Several months ago, I raised 12 chicks from the day they hatched. It was absolutely awesome 🙆! As they grew and the 7 roosters came into their own, I've had to send them to new homes. This has been a devastating few weeks. At some point my original rooster was hurt, or extremely frightened. Now, even though they are no longer here, he is timid (he used to RUN the yard). He's always off balance ,almost like his legs are made of jello. He no longer crows, and just stands around sleeping. I don't want to come off as ignorant as I am. I just want to do what I need to, to care for him. My husband started a lifestyle that I am now taking over. These are like my babies and I'm afraid for my Oatmeal(my rooster) . Please tell me what is going on and what to do. Thank u so much.
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How long have the cockerels been gone? Were they challenging your rooster or fighting with him. It can be chaotic with a bunch of juveniles starting up with their hormones. I had a similar situation once where the young ones "overthrew" their father when they were starting to try to mate. He regained his place as head of the flock when the younger ones were gone. Hopefully your rooster didn't injure his legs or suffer a head injury. Mareks disease is something that affect balance and cause paralysis in one or both legs or wings. Was he vaccinated for Mareks? Usually it strikes younger chickens under 6-7 months, but it can strike older birds if they are exposed to it by a carrier. Is he eating and drinking normally? Dehydration or being kept from food can affect balance and strength. Put some vitamins in his water or give him 3 mls of Poultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell daily to see if he perks up.

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Things WERE chaotic. This is my first run at this, but as my chicks grew I heard how having so many roosters was a bad idea. I actually thought for a minute that I was soooo loving and soooo in touch I would just NEVER have problems I had heard about. Boy was I wrong!!! As the boys came into, what i would call puberty lol, they became competitive and aggressive with the girls. Keeping the boys and girls separated worked for a good while. Then the boys began to hurt each other. That's when I believe Oatmeal was not only "overthrown", but somehow hurt. I haven't had him vaccinated but will definitely try the vitamins to attempt to perk him up. I hope it works. But its as if his "manhood" has been taken. He literally lost his crow. I watch him try and I want to cry. It's devastating. Could that be a head injury? Thank u so much for ur time and advice.
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Give him some time and make sure he eats and drinks well. Let us know how he gets along.

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Awesome 🙆 will do. Thanks again 😊
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