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Can't post pictures?

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When I try to add a picture I get the message "your account does not have the required permission to access this page."

I have the latest version of firefox. Anyone know what's going on?

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Hi and :welcome


Maybe because you just joined today, there could be a waiting period.  :idunno  There has been a lot of spam postings on this forum.   This restriction would keep spammers from posting offensive pictures as well.    Spammers are shut down as soon as administrators are notified.    They do a FINE JOB AT IT.    Spammers don't set  up an account and wait  until the next day to do more mischief.

Only suggestion is you change using different browsers and see.   Log in thru Internet Explorer. or Chrome,, :he

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I think I figured it out. Looks like I had to post a few times before I could access that feature. Thank you so much though!


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