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Silkie hen finished sitting, molting and wry neck signs

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2yr old Silkie hen went broody for about 3 1/2 weeks, I had to pick her up off nest to get her to eat and poop. Forced her to stop sitting by taking away nest and giving warm bath. Then started molting for 1st time since I have owned her. Then I noticed she started curling head back more than normal and when I picked her up she tucked head under body. Prior to the extreme head curls she seemed to stumble a lot and one night fell out of chair onto tile floor 2X. She has many of the signs of wry neck and with her recent past a vitamin deficiency is probably the cause but she may of also hit head with her falls. I'm trying to get some predinsone  at the moment, Here is a list of all the signs that makes me think she may have a brain swelling with the wry neck.


Loss of balance, vision appears to be impaired at times (distance impaired), shakes head more than normal, bobbs head and clicks beak while sleeping, not drinking, curls head up under and or tilts to side, poop off and on watery, closes eyes a lot,

Good news she is still walking and appears ok if you didn't know her like I do. She is on her 3rd day of Vit E 400ui 2X a day , selenium, B-12 and B-complex. I cut the vit E open and squirt it on bread mixed with crumbs of other vitamins, then roll it into small balls that I force feed her like a pill.  Does this sound right, am I doing everythingthat I should? Darcey is the only chicken I own and she is a rescue,,I have learned a lot about chickens since she has come into my life, but I still dont know very much.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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It sounds like you are doing all you can for wry neck. Make sure that she is eating and drinking well which may need assistance  due to her condition. Do you think that she could be showing signs  of Mareks disease? Has she been exposed to any new flock additions a few weeks before she started showing symptoms of wry neck?

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She has not been exposed to any other chickens so I don't think it is something she caught from another. I have been giving her vitamins and started her on prednisolone oral solution. I don't think I am giving her enough. The bottle is a solution of 15mg per 5ml. My friend has me just giving her .150ml I think I need to up it to .850ml does this sound right? 

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Here is some dosing information at the bottom of this link for prednisone for a 2 pound chicken. Since a silkie is about 1 pound, I would cut the dose in half. Prednisone and prednisolone need to be weaned down and stopped gradually if used.

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Thank-you for all the support. Does wry neck also affect the poop? Her poop ranges from clear watery to a slight thicker green consistency but nothing like it normally was.

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Not eating well or enough can be a reason for green  stools.

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What about clear water almost? She is at least pooping so hopefully she hasn't got something in her crop or gizzard too.

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Clear watery stools can be a sign of taking in large amounts of water. You might want to learn how to tube feed her if she is not taking food and water well. Here is a  good link about that:

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