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Nesting boxes outside the coop?

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I have always had nesting boxes inside of the coop, but I have been told that it is okay keep them outside.  I have recently decided to start using 5 gallon buckets for nesting boxes (bolted together and laying on their side outside of the coop) due to the sheer number of new hens we now have. We have huge supply of old oil buckets that need to be recycled somehow and this seems like a good alternative. So I was thinking of building a long row of outside nesting boxes along the fence (50x50 run) since the girls seem more interested in nesting lower to the ground.



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SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE A LARGE FLOCK..   I see nothing  wrong with providing outdoor nesting.    There may be some factors to consider.   Is it cold winter where you are at???   Will the nesting boxes be subject to winds and rain (snow)???   Will there be shade for nests during hot sun conditions ??? 

How many nests do you currently have and use.?    You normally need 1 nest per 4 hens,  Give or take.   Not all nests will be used all the time. Chickens will crowd into certain nests as their preference. :idunno



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