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My Trader Joe eggs

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I just set my first chicken eggs. 2 dozen from Trader Joes. Not sure is they are fertile but local so I figured I'd give it a try. 1 dozen white and 1 brown dozen. I'm using a model 2100 still air farmer innovators incubator with automatic egg turner. I put the turner on instead of wait a couple days cause momma chickens turn all the time. Humidity is 50%. Super eggcited!!! smile.png
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Not to dampen your hopes, but to  help you out.     I have read of peeps hatching TJ eggs. but not all are fertile.    The eggs may say free range , but unless there is a rooster, you are out of luck..   You may be wasting 2 dozen eggs if so.     There is a way to tell if an egg is fertile or not. Below I am posting a link to a thread with pix  to determine fertility by looking at egg cracked open.   If your eggs do not look fertile, then I suggest you get into making an omelet.:)




SEARCH OUT OTHER THREADS ABOUT TRADER JOE EGGS..   In the advanced search bar at top of page.    There are a few. 

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Thanks. I know that it is unlikely many will hatch I just wanted to try it. Don't hatchery's only guarantee 90% sexing though so the flocks must have a couple roosters.
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Yes, but the natural egg producer may choose to only keep hens.     Eat the roosters since not needed to maintain their egg producing business.  

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Good point. Again, just wanted to try it
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