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Great! That was my thought too after checking out the links you provided for me. I bathed her, my other Cochin who had some dried stuff on her fluffy butt and their hatch mate a partridge Cochin who sleeps on the floor and had matted feathers. Right after baths and blow drying they all within the few minutes they were on our porch let out this blow out, watery poo. I got super concerned for a second and then I realized they had had melon scraps this a.m.

I see the downside to caring so much about these birds, you become paranoid!

P.s. No sneezing, coughing or runny discharges from anyone!

Thank you for your help!

Glad to hear no sneezing, coughing!

Yes, the picture above looks like "melon pool" :D

If one sleeps on the floor and doesn't roost, then she will definitely have a messy bum.

I'd just keep an eye on them. Some people do worm twice a year and some never do, but it doesn't hurt to have the info.

If you do any quick searches, you'll find there are quite a few threads here on BYC about trimming the fluff around the vent. Some girls just seem to have messy bums.

I have a Barred Rock that I trim some of the fluff on her to make her a bit neater.


I do keep an eye out to make sure this is no "buildup" which can cause irritation to the skin and especially in warmer months flies can lay eggs on the poo stuck in the fluff and maggots will hatch and cause what is called flystrike . You can search that as well if you dare, most pictures are truly horrific, but it is most of the time treatable.


It's not paranoia ;) it is being a good caretaker. I check my all the time.