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How long for poo?

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After a chick hatches how long should you wait before you get worried about no poo? Our new little hatchling is nearing 24 hours and has had a few sips of water and I've seen her peck at the food but hasn't had any poo. I did make sure that her vent was clean and debris free and it is. Only thing she has is a piece of dried umbilical cord I believe that is what it is still attached.
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Don't worry until after the third day and it's obvious the chick has been eating chick crumbles and not just drinking water. They don't feel much hunger while they're still absorbing the yolk sack. But then again, I had a little newly hatched baby roo who greedily scarfed down the tortilla bits his broody mom tore up for him.

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I'm not sure but if he don't poo give them some molasses in there water it acts like a natural laxative
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Ok thank you!
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Your welcome happy to help
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