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Save Extra Vaccine, or trash?

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i just started hatching my own chicks and I have decided to vaccinate for Marek's.  I ordered a bottle of vaccine from jeffers, as recommended by folks on this site.  My question is this:  do i only have 1 chance to vaccinate all the birds? I have ordered more losses than i need right now, hoping to save it and use for later hatches.  I read that the vaccine is no good after 2 hours, does this mean that i only have one chance to vaccinate ALL my chicks and after that whatever is left i should throw away?  I hope not... 


Also, is it ok to vaccinate chicks that are past the 1-day mark? 


thank you in advance! 

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As far as I know, the vaccine has to be used all at once when it is opened. Read your instructions on the package completely before opening it. Maybe someone else would like to share the vaccine with you. You can vaccinate any age bird, but day olds are best so they can start developing immunity over the next two weeks. When a chicken who is not vaccinated for Mareks is exposed to it in the environment, they are unprotected. Keep any new chicks inside for a full two weeks if there is any chance of Mareks in your environment. If you haven't seen the disease before, it may be safe.

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