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Unusual wound/scab on hen

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My wife noticed one of our hens in the nesting box with a weird wound. It almost looks like something's eating at her. The wound had a hard scab over it. This morning was the first we noticed it, and she seems to be the only hen affected. She also seems to still be laying. Has anyone else experienced this or know what's going on? Thank you all!




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She couldn't have scraped it on something or got caught on something or something didn't try to get her
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Yeah, I'm not sure. The run is totally enclosed with chicken wire to keep predators out. There's no evidence of anything forcing it's way in, and I can't think of anything that she would have gotten caught on. Very strange!

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I would clean it out and let it heal and she should be fine just wash it out with soap and water and if you have some triple antibiotic cream put a little bit on it and it should heal and she'll be fine
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Thanks! It's kinda hidden by her wing, so that should help keep the others from pecking her.

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Ok I hope she heals
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