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help chicken is sick

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I have 3 month old buff orpington that I accidentily fed raw potatos to. How do I treat her sickness? thank you

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I found this but had to dig around to find it. It's never happened to me so no experience but you need to get to a Vet quickly if you can:
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Sorry, phone went flat...


Its Solanine poisoning.  Lost the link I followed earlier but it mentioned diarrhoea being a good sign as it means the animals system is working well enough to flush the toxin.  Fluid replacement needed.  You really do need a vet ASAP if possible.

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I lost a rooster that had a purple comb, I now have 2 hens with combs turning purple. Anyone know what can be going on? Starting flock on antibiotics
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It's a shortage of oxygen in the blood. Might be a heart condition or repertory. Or possibly something they are eating containing cyanide like nuts or crushed apple seed, long shot but possible.
You need a diagnosis before you give antibiotics.
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I wonder if they've found some rat poison?
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she doesnt like to stand or walk and a vet is really expensive

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Originally Posted by chickenman486 View Post

she doesnt like to stand or walk and a vet is really expensive
Then all you can do is get some water/nutrients into her, with a dropper if neccessery. Try
Have some favorite food (bit of Scrambled egg good) around in case she's ready to take it.
If she makes no progress then it will be your call what the kindest thing to do is. You may need to put her to sleep because organ failure may be a very slow and painful way to go.
Good luck. I hope she pulls through.
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Can someone please help me, my rooster is sick and I fear that he may die sense I have already lost one other rooster and an offspring although these to roosters that died are not in the same 10 as this one who sick. I will post pictures of him healthy and then post pictures of what he look like yesterday. He just doesn't seem himself, he's lethargic not as active as he usually is his comb has flattened out doesn't stand as tall as it used to his feathers or true P including his tail feathers and he is uncharacteristically entering close to the fence allow me to touch him and the hens don't seem to show as much respect around him as they used to.

The first two pics were only taken a month or two ago. The few are of what I encountered yesterday, please keep in mind its January in PA and its cold, rainy- at the moment and mub is everywhere including on his comb, head and body.

I'm not exact on how old he is but we've had him and the other hens in the pic for a couple of years.
If there is anything I can do for him please help.
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I haven't had to give water with a dropper myself but I do know there is a high risk of choking. One drop at a time and if she isn't swallowing then stop. If she can drink on her own that is a much better and hopeful situation.
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