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Hen straining in nest box

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One of our hens was straining in the nest box today.  No egg.  Of course, we are going out of town for a week tomorrow.  She's still eating, drinking, perky, and otherwise acting normal, so I really hope she's not egg bound.  


I was just wondering if it is common for hens to occasionally strain and have to try a few times before laying?  

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Put on a rubber glove, and insert one finger into her vent an inch or so to feel for a stuck egg, and it should stimulate her to poop also. If there is an egg, give her a calcium tablet or Tums, and get her into a hot humid bathroom. Massage her abdomen to help her pass the egg. If no egg, then give her a few drops of molasses in some yogurt.

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Is this a first time layer, or a hen just starting back up laying after a winter break?

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Thank you!  Good news I think!  I just went to check on them and there was a fat little egg in the box she was straining in.  I'm pretty sure it was hers, since it was already close to dark when she was straining, and no one else seemed interested in laying at the time.  They are just starting up again after a break.  Hopefully, there will be no issues while we are gone.  Someone is going to check on them and gather eggs every couple of days, but no one except me will go in the pen with our crazy roo.  

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Good to hear.

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