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I forgot to say welcome to BYC, and sometimes these things happen don't beat yourself up about it my first batch of 7 chicks I lost one because I used the wrong bedding it died I learned my lesson and haven't had a chick die since.


What type of bedding was the "wrong" type ? I think mine is pine shavings from our local farm supply store.

pine are great but I actually used paper shavings which plugged up their crop not recommended for chicks under 8 weeks and cedar isn't recommended because it causes respiratory distress

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Yea I haven't even left Florida furthest I've been north is live oak Florida lol born and raised here and probably won't ever leave lol I hate cold weather
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I would love to be in florida right about now

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I used to live right in between Lake City/ Live Oak :) I miss the area . You must be wayyyy on down south FL then :)

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It's 50 degrees right now its only gonna be 47 tonight and back to warm weather in the morning it just got done raining which is about the only time its gets cold lol
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Yea near plantcity
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I'm jealous of you two I'm sitting here at about 28 the high was 40 but headed back down tomorrow with rain turning to snow.

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Well be at 76 next Monday when the rain goes away
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It's about 42 here in South GA which is too cold for me ! LOL  

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We're stay at high 60s the whole week but it never feels like that the humidity is so high it feels hotter
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