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Buff Orpingtons and Leghorns

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New to this farming stuff! I live in East Texas with lots of outdoor space.


Wanting a free-range flock with good egg production. I have small children so I don't want anything that will be aggressive.


After doing some research I'm thinking about 2-3 Buff Orpingtons and 1-2 Leghorns.


Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!

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leghorns are great for production but I would replace the orps with production reds cinnamon stars or a red hybrid since I'm assuming you want white and brown eggs.

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I'm not picky on type or color of egg. Just want something healthier and tastier than store bought options! And don't want at that will be aggressive toward my kiddos as they will be involved in gathering eggs.
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well since you have kids get a brown leghorn(white) ----- ameraucana/aruacana/easter egger(blue or green) ------ olive eggers(dark green) ---- cherry eggers(pink) ----- marans(dark brown) ----- silkies/polish/sultans(white to light brown tinted)



do you know what kinds of feed you are going to give them?

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Not yet. I was thinking I would decide on type of chicken first and then research what type of feed they require.
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With kids involved I would personally avoid Leghorns. While they are great layers, they are typically high strung and flighty. Mine screamed bloody murder whenever I handled them and my kids hated them. I would suggest either going with Australorps which are extremely hardy, calm and gentle (good lap pets), and excellent layers of brown eggs, or else Sex Links which are generally docile egg laying machines. Red Sex Links (sold under a number of labels such as Cinnamon Queens, Isa Browns, Golden Comets, Red Stars, etc.) would probably work well but I personally prefer the Black Sex Links (Black Stars) as mine have been typically been friendlier than my Red Sex Links and have had a longer laying life. Either way though both Sex Link varieties will churn out more than 300 large brown eggs per hen per year and should work fine for your kids.

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