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Originally Posted by AmyLynn2374 View Post

For a few months @RubyNala97
  and I have talked about having a thread for Hands on Hatchers to come together and for help for those who want to be more involved or don't want to accept the "Never help a chick" theory.  People have different methods of hatching, and that's ok. When you find something that works for you, you do it. Don't worry about what other's views are, as long as your method is working- that is what is important. This thread is meant for us hands on people.  A place to come together and talk, exchange our "hands on" methods, or seek help in assisting or just to see how our methods really do work for us. We aren't a thread to debate the differences for hands on/hands off, there's a thread for that. We are strictly for people  that want to experience hatching in it's entirety w/out being literally yelled at because you are doing it different or because you are being hands on. OH no you opened your incubator at hatch???  That's ok, here we understand and will help anyone who needs it regardless of wether you did something we wouldn't. One of the greatest and most knowledgeable things is candling, and you shouldn't be afraid to do it.

A little about myself: I use an old LG incubator with fan attatchement, and I have awesome hatches. My last was 100%. I prefer a low humidity incubation method, and a high hatch humidity. I am VERY hands on. I open my incubator frequently during hatch and I have NEVER lost a chick that has pipped or started zipping. I seldom have post hatch mortality and my chicks are very healthy with no leg problems. And I am more than willing to assist my chicks if I feel it is neccessary. Why am I saying this? Because these are the things that a lot of hands off hatchers will swear to you will happen if you are not hands off. I respect a hands off hatchers philospohies and that's great for them. But I hate the fact that some would condem and put down those of us that don't share their philosophy. So if you are looking for a place to share your experiences and excitment in being hands on, without the worry of being scolded or threatened you won't be helped in a time of need, feel free to jump in and inroduce yourselves. Tell us a little about your methods and share pics of your flocks and chicks. 

I am a first time Hatcher. I had a foam incubator that would not keep temp or humidity right. I had one out of ten hatch. This second time around I bought an incubator that turns the eggs, keeps the temp, has a fan, and displays humidity. What an awesome piece of equipment. Today is hatch day and so far 2 have hatched and three are externally pipped. So I am pretty happy. I'm a nervous grandmother, lol, but I did open my incubator, candle the eggs, and talk to them even before any external pips. So my way like above may not be your way but it works for me.
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My cup baby is looking really weak this morning. He somehow escaped his cup and ended up getting chilled as he got out from under the heat pad. I've put him back but it doesn't look good to me 😔
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