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Easy run

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Anybody have any ideas for a super easy but large run?
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The easiest run I have found that is the best is  premier electric fencing. It is lightweight and so easy to move.

You can make it in any shape you want and any area you want. The bottom is not electrified so it will lay on the ground nicely.

It keeps your chickens in and the predators out.

It even keeps my 2 dogs in!

Some chickens will jump it but if you clip their wings there is no problem

Here is the link to the website


And some links of videos 


This netting really works I have had it for 1 year and have never lost a chicken to a predator since I got this netting

I have 70 chickens and only 2 rolls of this netting keeps them in plus to great pyrenees dogs

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The electricity doesn't hurt the chickens?
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Originally Posted by huntingirl View Post

The electricity doesn't hurt the chickens?
The electric fencing will only hurt the chickens once
Cause if they touch it once they will never go near it again.
It doesn't shock chicks But keeps adult birds in.
Most of my chickens when they touch it they don't feel it because of all their feathers
Unless they are touching the fence for more than 10 seconds.
It really does work
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Ok. Thx!
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Your welcome

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