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Help, my chiscen can walk!

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Hello, I have a 3 month old Croad Langshan and it is verry clumsy and can't walk much. It has had plenty of water and food and I have given it some garlic in a dropper but nothing is making a difference and it came on so quickly! Its dropping look normal and nothing is verry different otherwise. Pleas help me if you know anything!

I don't have any idea what this is and some of my chickens have had it before but not quite the same and only one out of the five of them lived so far in three years! They normaly get floppy and can't move at all but this one is still able to move the rest of its body.
Please help me if you know anything!
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It sounds like some sort of infectious disease such as Mareks or even coccidiosis. Were your chicks vaccinated for Mareks? If you have Mareks in your environment from other chickens, then any new chicks should be vaccinated as day olds, then kept from the environment for at least 2-3 weeks to gain immunity. You can send a dead chicken to your stat vet or college poultry lab for a necropsy to confirm the cause of death. Here is a list of state vets in the US and some articles on Mareks disease:

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Replyto Eggcessive, Thank you so much for your reply, I didn't know there even way a vaccination against Marek's but I'm not quite sure if it is Marek's because the chickens get it on completley different times dose that happen with Marek's? We do live on a farm that use to have hundreds of birds on it because the owner was a large poultry breeder, I'll look at those links thankyou! And im sorry about the typos!
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Yes, Mareks can affect the chickens at different times. Most chickens are affected at a young age up to 25 weeks old, but any chicken can get it if exposed to a carrier unless they have some immunity. You would do yourself a favor to get one necropsied by the state vet if you lose another.

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Ok, thank you so much, I couldn't find any information about that anywhere!
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Go to the top of this page to the search box, and type in" Mareks Faq," a great article by Nambroth who has do a lot of research about Mareks.

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