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Chicken with possible broken ankle

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I posted a thread just over a week ago about a rooster that's around 4 months old that started limping.  After 3 or 4 days, the toes on his left foot were completely curled under and he walked on the backs of his toes. We could see nothing wrong with the foot (no swelling or discoloration, etc.).  My husband and I cleaned it, soaked it in epsom salts with frankincense and lavender oil, then taped it to a piece of cardboard. When we inspected it again later, the 2 joints on his middle toe appeared knobby compared to the same toe on the other foot.  We took the splint off yesterday evening, and his foot is no better.  And now we can see a lump over his ankle, so I'm guessing that is where the problem is -- quite possibly broken.  I know of no way to splint his ankle so it will heal.  I sure hate to put him down, so I thought I'd see if any of you have suggestions.  I've attached some photos for you.  Thanks!




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He could indeed have a sprained or broken ankle, or possibly, an infection in his joints. Can you examine his leg joints up to his hips for any swelling? Mycoplasma synovitis (MS) is a respiratory disease with sometimes no symptoms, but it can cause lameness and pain in the joints. If there is no other swelling, then I would keep him penned to force rest of the leg for around 2 weeks. Give him poultry vitamins in his water, and you can even cage him inside the coop with the others.I would guess it is a sprain since roosters are so active, but here is some info on MS:

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I don't think it's a disease because none of the hens have gotten it.  I would love to put him back in the coop, partly because I think he's depressed from being alone (after the second or third day in the carrier, he stopped eating well -- although he gobbles up the dried mealworms I got him to coax him to eat).  :)  However, I'm afraid he'll try to get on the roost and injure himself further.  What do you think?

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I just re-read your reply and realized I misunderstood something.  You're saying to put him in a cage within the coop so he can be with the hens, right?

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Yes , if you have room in your coop for a cage or a pen, I would keep him with the hens. Chickens need company, and removing them from the flock can be a pain when trying to reintegrate them later.

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