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My one EE layed a total of like, 7 eggs, then I didn't see another one till at least 2 months later. She layed about 3 eggs a week for maybe a month, then took another 2 months off!! She is almost a year old and has been laying 3-5 eggs a week now for about a month ands half. She is frustratingly inconsistent!! She lays a light blue/green egg (when she's not on hiatus, lol) thankfully my other 4 girls who lay brown eggs have chugged right along all winter smile.png
I think EEs mixed genetics makes it impossible to predict what kind of layer to expect.
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My EE/Turken cross lays about one egg every week or two. Then she may lay 3 back to back and we may not see another for a month. All of our other birds are 4-6 eggs each week.

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