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Frostbite on comb and wattles

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I made a hover for around a roost because the temp was going to go down to about -25C and despite forceably putting him in it several times.... he insisted on sleeping elsewhere. Now he has some nasty frost bite and im not sure what to do. Before the cold weather i put vasaline on his comb and wattles but he still turned out like this. Any suggestions on what i can do to help him are appreciated. I have looked at what dubbing would entail and i really dont think i would have the stomach for it.
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Um bring him inside in a warm room for a while and put some vitamin oil olive oil cocnut oil or pertrolum jelly on his combs and wattles once they look a little more like there normal color hope this helps
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Poor little guy.


If it starts to blister you can apply some Vetericyn wound spray, plain neosporin, or iodine gently to the wattles and comb to help prevent infection. Handling the wattles and comb will be painful to him, so if you may want to wait and see exactly how much damage is there before you apply anything.

Do you have a photo of your coop and the "hover" at the roost?


Here is some good info about frostbite and how to treat/prevent it.

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This was before it was put out there. It has a counter top as a cover because thats what i had. I only have 2 chickens and the building they are in is an 8'x8' and 6'tall building. Its too big for them i know i was supposed to have more chickens but after getting these 2 the landlord changed his mindabout me having any but that since i already had them i could keep the ones i had.

There is some ventilation. With a tshirt on im not too cold out there during the day even when its -15 to -20 ish. So i dont think its terribly drafty. As an attempt to cut down on humidity i have only stall dry aka sweet pdz on the floor. And i take out any that looks wet each day. (George likes to kick over the water)

My husband wont let me bring him back inside because he crows too much but the next 2 days temps are supposed to be around +10C so ill see if i can warm him up a bit with my hands too to see if it will change the color.
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Yes I did that with my rooster but I had brought him in and he was in here for about 15-20 minutes sitting in front of the heater and it was almost back to its normal color and then he went back outside for a about two days later with the cold wheather it happened again
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with the warmer weather today they are going back to their normal color. Its supposed to be warm for a few days so im going to watch him and see how it goes thanks for the suggestions if it takes a turn for the worse ill try some of what was suggested smile.png
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he's looking much better today after +10C weather. it's pretty much spring here now so by next winter I'll have to keep in mind that this guy needs some better protection. :)

thanks all :)

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Originally Posted by Laodicia View Post



he's looking much better today after +10C weather. it's pretty much spring here now so by next winter I'll have to keep in mind that this guy needs some better protection. :)

thanks all :)

He looks much better!

I get the idea of the hover, it think it is good.

If it gets really cold you could try putting him in there again. Have it setup during the day so he can see it, but wait to move him until it's dark, then he should stay in it.

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it's going to be staying in there with them if it gets cold again im going to move him and her once they settle in for the night and close them in it. :)

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Mine settled in for the night about 6 hours ago
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