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I have been helping my grandfather raise our girls for about 4 years now. About September of last year, however, one of our hens got broodie and she adopted a clutch of random eggs from the other girls. Only seven hatched, but out of the seven two made it to grow their first feathers. Then we lost one of the two, a pullet, to a hawk and the other, a rowdy rooster, passed as well. Now one of our Welsumers has laid a clutch of 18. I took them in as my first set in a LG 9300 incubator. All were fertile. But we've already lost 6 due to weeping. Problem is that the eggs are a dark tan and dark brown speckled, therefore, proving difficult to candle. Please give me any advice you can on how to tell their alive. sad.pngsad.png
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What day or you on for incubating?
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