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Not sure what is wrong

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I have a Rhode island red about 1.5 years. Last sat I found her in the corner of the chicken house. I brought her out to have fresh food, water and air with the others. She tried a little however I found her back in her nesting box. I felt her abdomen and the left side felt hard and oval in form. I thought she was egg bound. I have given her three warm baths and keeping her inside where it is warm. Still nothing, I didn't notice her bobbing tail as if she was trying eithet. She is drinking water not much appetite and isn't moving around much. I read of waterbelly , ascetis, but her belly isn't squishy. I also noticed her breast bone has nothing to it, but she has weight to her. Poop is like normal a little sticking to het but thought that may be due to lack of moving. I am at a loss..any advice would be helpful.
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Welcome to BYC. I would put on a rubber glove and stick your middle finger into her vent an inch or so, to check for a stuck egg. She may be laying internally or have salpingitis if you feel no egg, but that is only a guess. You may want to do some reading about those subjects, which you can do by entering the word in the search box at the top of the page or by Googling it.
Another thought is she could have a blockage in her gizzard. Let us know how she is getting along.

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Well last night when I went to check and feel for an egg, she passed away right then. I am guessing the stress that n her was too much. I did look internally to see what had happened so I can have a better understanding next time. She had egg peritonitis with internal laying. She was very impacted in her abdomen, which must have been what I had felt. I appreciate the advice, as I am new to this and gave much to learn.
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Oh, that is sad. Sorry for your loss. Unfortunately this is common with many chickens today.

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