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help, i think my hen is sick

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I have a hen that won't come out of her box, she's not laying so I've been.making her come out to eat and drink, she's normally pretty active, today I noticed when I went to move her I heard a squirting sound, and an awful smell! I mean it's so bad I almost puked !!! And it was a grayish runny color....I'm assuming her poop, and my other 3 hens dont Want to go in the coop...any ideas?
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Is your hen broody, wanting to sit on eggs? Does she act sick, or look hunched or puffed up? Can you post a picture of her droppings?
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She is acting broody but she doesn't normally, and the smell from her diarrhea is horrible!! I got a few pics, she is kinda hunchy, doesn't wanna move around much.
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Are you sure that she may be broody, or is she ill? I would bring her inside to get warm where you can watch her closely. Put some vitamins and electrolytes in her water, such as SaveAChick or another brand. Make sure she is drinking. Offer some chopped egg, a bit of plain yogurt or buttermilk for probiotics, and yoh can also take a small amount of her feed and add water to it to make it soupy. Check her for egg binding by inserting a gllved finger an inch inside her vent. Clean up her vent area. Worming her may help, and if you thiknkshe may have coccidiosis, you could start her on some Corid in the water.
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